Karla's Background & Experience
"I believe life is full of OPPORTUNITIES and that the GREATEST REWARDS come to those who are willing to push themselves outside their comfort zone to experience all that it has to offer."
____ Karla Palmer
Karla's Background & Experience

When You Look Beyond the Horizon . . . A Sea of Opportunity Awaits You

At 19 years of age, Karla Palmer had excelled academically, graduated business school and landed a job with a leading international bank.  While she was on the path to a successful career in the financial industry, she simply wasn't content to settle into a slot in the corporate world.  Instead, she wanted to explore the world.
And explore it she did.

The Adventure of a Lifetime
Karla gave notice to her firm, said good-bye to her family and friends in Canada and boarded a ship out of New York bound for England.  To this day, she can still remember the excitement she felt standing in London's Victoria Station with no place to stay and no itinerary in hand.  It was the first step on an amazing overseas adventure.  For three months, she backpacked through Europe exploring different cultures, traditions and lifestyles in such countries as Denmark, France, Germany, Holland and Spain to name a few.  It was the adventure of a lifetime, an unforgettable learning experience and the opportunity for her to expand her own horizons.

Putting Her Determination to the Test
It was a lesson Karla took to heart. She returned home to Canada, resumed her work in the banking industry and that soon opened the door for her to once again explore opportunities in another country - only this time it was across the border in the United States.  Karla left her familiar home country, family and friends to face the challenges of her new position and new home in the Big Apple. Making a name for herself in New York City was a big step for Karla, yet she embraced the opportunity of living in Manhattan and putting her determination and ambition to the test.  For almost three decades, Karla's professionalism, commitment and thorough attention to detail allowed her to excel as a Director of Human Resources.
Karla's Background & Experience

Embracing a New Challenge
It's no surprise that when Karla was ready for a new challenge, she didn't hesitate to pack up her home and make another bold move to the picturesque shores of North Carolina.  Being someone who has always thrived on expanding her own horizons, it's only fitting that she has built a real estate career on helping her clients do the same. Whether people are looking to buy or sell a home, Karla prides herself on helping them explore their options to make a well educated investment decision.

A Natural Resource
Karla's specialty is in luxury homes.  When you're looking to purchase or sell one of these premier properties, it pays to work with a professional with a strong business background.  Karla's tenure in human resources and the financial industry has provided her with a wealth of business experience, strong people skills and an exceptional ability to solve problems quickly and effectively.  As a result, she is a natural resource for buyers, sellers and investors alike.

When you're ready to make your next move, Expand Your Horizons by giving Karla Palmer a call.  This caring and dedicated professional believes in embracing life's greatest opportunities and will go above and beyond in order to help you capitalize on your next home sale or purchase.